Welcome to MKL Diagnostics AB

MKL Diagnostics is a Swedish biotech company in the MIKROLAB GROUP dedicated to clinical and industrial microbiology. Main products for MKL Diagnostics are the well known Phadebact® kits which are a range of products based on the co-agglutination technology. 

MKL Diagnostics has a large scale production of microbiological substrates. The product range of solid and liquid media for transport or cultivation of bacteria, encompassing more than 400 items. 



MKL Diagnostics and the MIKROLAB Group acquired Phadebact® and Phadirect® from Bactus AB

From the 22nd of November, 2011 MKL Diagnostics is the owner of Phadebact and Phadirect. MKL Diagnostics have acquired the complete productionline,  Phadebact® and Phadirect® brands, technical know-how and documentation from Bactus. For the last couple of months we have been working close with Bactus to ensure that the knowledge transfer will be complete. We wish to welcome all new and existing Customers of Bactus to MKL Diagnostics and we hope for a long and successful collaboration together.


Fredrik Johansson
MKL Diagnostics