MKL Diagnostics - a part of MIKROLAB group

Phadebact and Phadirect

Phadebact®/Phadirect® comprise a range of kits for bacteriological diagnostics used in clinical microbiology laboratories. The kits are based on agglutination technique and offers a fast and easy method for identification of pathogenic bacteria. 

MKL Diagnostics aquired the range from Bactus during November 2011. The products has former been owned by different swedish biotech companies like Karo bio and Boule Diagnostics. 

MKL Diagnostics

MKL Diagnostics was founded by the MIKROLAB group to asume the role of sales for the Phadebact kits and our microbiological substrates. We strive to be the natural choice of supplier for high quality media and diagnostic products used for industrial purposes, clinical, research, and academic laboratories.

Knowledge and dedication to microbiology

In the group we have an independent microbiological laboratory which has been operating since 1974. We service every year several of pharmaceutical and medical device customers in Sweden with high quality rutine analysis and validiations. The laboratory is approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency, and we hold a Swedac Accreditation. We are staffed with management from former Pfizer plant in Uppsala, Sweden as well as smaller well known Swedish Biotech companies. 

Trusted partner in production and development of products

With the acquisition of Bactus we have access to efficient filling equipment for liquid productsThis coupled with our long experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industry makes us an ideal partner for development of products and small scale production.

Fredrik Johansson
CEO - MKL Diagnostics